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Meeting Intentions

Collaborative Meeting Design, Facilitation & Training


Meeting Intentions offers a range of consulting services to help groups and organizations clarify their goals and vision, and succeed through facilitative leadership.


We partner with our clients and their stakeholders from start to finish, focusing on developing effective strategies and high quality and scalable solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Our Services

What is the role of the facilitator?

Facilitators make it easier for your group to achieve their goals.

Participatory Strategic Planning

We lead collaborative processes involving staff, boards, stakeholders and customers.


Community, Civic, and Public Engagement

Our goal is meaningful and productive public engagement.

Learning Communities

Meeting Intentions specializes in bringing diverse groups of people working in a specific sector to share best practices, learn and work together on new projects.

doing work together

Planning and Scanning

Create a shared understanding of data and perspectives.

Develop Your Facilitation Skills

We teach Technology of Participation™ Facilitation Methods for leading productive participatory meetings at work or in the community.



We incorporate facilitative learning principles to enliven staff and client trainings.


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Contact Us

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