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Terry LaBan, Graphic Facilitator, and Robin Rifkin, Certified Facilitator 

What is the role of the facilitator?

We make it easy to achieve your goals.

Planning a good and productive meeting takes time and intention. The first step is to learn the purpose and goals of the meeting, including the participant experience, and who will be involved. We design the meeting to meet these intentions.


A facilitator uses collaborative processes to guide the group to the final product.  Meeting Intentions' facilitators are experts in process and use the best methods achieve these goals.


We believe it is important to get the right folks in the room, the people who have knowledge, some piece of the puzzle. We rely on their experience and wisdom, make space for new ideas, and through leadership and process, assist the group to take action and accomplish their goals.


Trained facilitators understand group dynamics. We are trained to deal with outspoken participants, make space for introverts, and set up the space for reflection, creativity, cohesion or decision-making. 


Good facilitators should not be biased nor have a stake in the decision. Instead our role is to ask the right questions, let everyone participate, and help the group get to the right next step or decision for them. 

Everyone complains about "working in silos," but are afraid or don't know how to work across them. Meeting Intentions'  skilled facilitators make it easy to engage across silos and sectors. The result is a shared understanding, that can propel success, whatever the problem or desired outcome.


At Meeting Intentions we value inclusive participation, shared leadership, and profound respect.

We create a safe and engaging space for your group to do what needs to be done.

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