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Develop Your Facilitation Skills

Lead productive meetings in your work or community.

We will train you and your staff to have very productive conversations, engaging meetings, and efficiently plan together.


You will learn:

  • the techniques of working with difficult people;

  • how to keep meetings on purpose;

  • to host important conversations without bias and chaos;

  • to lead and engage a group;

  • to help a group find consensus on a difficult issue;

  • to encourage and promote shared leadership;

  • to truly get public perspective in your planning;

  • to plan an event together and share the tasks to make it successful;

  • methods that break down silos.


We are licensed to teach the Technology of Participation™ Facilitation Methods to help you achieve all of these meeting goals.


Add your name to the mailing list to learn about scheduled classes. We offer public and in-house classes.

What past participants have said:

"Robin & Nancy truly delivered an impactful training experience that has helped me improve my personal effectiveness and self-confidence to lead more productive meetings. The content was immediately useful and transformational in my approach to moving groups to shared understanding. I found the ToP training to be invaluable to my business, and fun too."

- Participant, Philadelphia 2019 Facilitation Training

"There is no better way to make your work/community more effective than learning awesome facilitation methods from expert facilitators. These incredibly participatory methods are essential to making every voice count in order to achieve your goals!"

- Participant, Facilitation Training

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