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Facilitation for Innovation Online


Inspiring Group Creativity Online

Do you need to:

...move your team towards inspiring results?

…evoke creative ideas?

…come up with innovative solutions?

Join the highly interactive online sessions and see why facilitators in Singapore, Seoul, Taipei & the USA have found this “one of the best courses for group creativity and innovation methods.” Geared to facilitators, team leaders and managers.

The course incorporates the insights of Technology of Participation® and Design Thinking, using multiple creativity exercises and methods for:

  • Shaking Up the Mind – refreshing our habits of thought

  • Framing and Re-Framing Problems - seeing problems from new perspectives

  • Developing Creative Solutions – crafting pathways for action & prototyping


You will:

  • Learn and experience multiple approaches to heighten group creativity and innovation

  • Expand your group facilitation creativity and innovation skills

  • Receive a reference book with an expanded set of resources to use with your clients


Delivered online using Zoom & Google Slides

December 2: 9 am- 11:30 am CST & 12:30-4 pm CST

         December 3: 9 am-12:30 pm CST


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See what previous participants said about this course:

“What a great way to find new ways to shake up a group that needs to think creatively.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                        David Marzahl, Leadership Coach/Consultant


“It was great to be a participant to watch the flow virtually - well done! The course applied and expanded upon the foundational facilitation skills I have learned as part of other facilitation courses and presented new techniques and approaches to tackling problem-solving.”     

Leanne Stanley Project Resourcing Lead

“I learned so many innovation boosting activities, and ways to look at complex problems and situations from new angles and perspectives. I’m inspired to start implementing these awesome techniques with the groups I work with!”                                                    Sandhya Tillotson, Principal/Founder, Sagebrush Ltd.

“Very energetic course, with great tools and methodologies to enhance group creativity and motivation.”                                                                                                                             Alexis Eslan, John Snow Inc, Denver

The Innovation Facilitation course was an excellent way to not only develop facilitation tools that I can use, but also provided a direct experience of those methods as a participant.”

Waylon Spoden, Co-worker Innovation & Engagement Manager, Seattle

“This course is a fantastic orientation to methods for building creativity.  It incorporates the principles of design thinking in a hands-on course.”                                                                                             Carolyn Bloede, California

“Facilitation for Innovation: Inspiring Group Creativity" provided me with numerous ways to sneak creativity into my facilitation designs in a way that elicits a broader set of solutions that would not have otherwise been considered ultimately leading to solutions that can work for everyone. I highly recommend this course for policy makers and project managers as well as facilitators...really anyone who needs to create an environment where a tough decision must be made.”                                                                          Terri Sue C. Rossi Technical Administrator Arizona Water Banking Authority, Phoenix

Here's the details:

December 2nd: 9 am -11:30 am CST & 12:30-4 pm CST

December 3rd:  9 am-12:30 am CST

Via Zoom & Google Slides

Course faculty:

Ann Epps, Meetings Facilitator and Leadership Development

Course Co-Creator

International Association of Facilitators Certified Master Professional Facilitator

Certified Top Trainer/Mentor Trainer

Dennis Jennings, Facilitation Services Chicago, Certified Top Trainer/Mentor Trainer

Robin Rifkin, Meeting Intentions, Certified Top Trainer/Mentor Trainer


Reach out to Ann Epps 


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