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Brigid Riley, of B.E.Riley Consulting & Robin Rifkin, of Meeting Intentions

invite you to join an exciting course of intensive facilitation skill building for online facilitation:

Technology of Participation™ (ToP) 
Facilitation Methods Training

We are now

offering this class

for the online setting!

We are now

offering this class

for the online setting!

This class is now online and geared to learning ToP methods for online application! 

  • Equip yourself with the proven ToP™ participatory facilitation methods for use in staff and partnership meetings, collaborative planning projects, community engagement, organizational life, learning communities, and professional trainings.  These methods, developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, have been used in communities and organizations around the world at village meetings, community forums, and in boardrooms. 

  • Explore the landscape of facilitation and learn three key facilitation processes for activating group participation virtually, in our acclaimed ToP flagship course modified for the virtual world. If you have found yourself … struggling to conduct meaningful online conversations,  anxious about what to do when someone dominates the conversation or no one speaks, or challenged to get people to commit… then this engaging, live,  on-line modular course is for you. What you learn about facilitating in an online format is universally applicable and will help you confidently move any group from unproductive conflict or confusion to consensus and commitment.

  • This training will transform your understanding and appreciation of flow in a conversation, group process, and your role as a facilitator. 

  • You’ll be more skilled, prepared and confident as you plan and facilitate meetings!

What will be included? 

Theory, skill development and practice of each of the three core approaches:

The Focused Conversation Method

The Focused Conversation Method applies a structure for effective communication that allows everyone in the group to comfortably participate in the discussion. It is a method of facilitating group and individual conversations allowing participants to deepen their insights and end with more clarity or come to a decision.  This results in broadened perspectives, and clear resolve or conclusions. 


The Consensus Workshop Method 

The Consensus Workshop Method is a way of bringing individual ideas to light, then step-by-step, through discussion and insight, transform the group's thinking into focused consensus decision and action. This method generates new creativity and incorporates both a rational and intuitive approach to problem solving, building team unity very quickly.  

consensus workshop.jpg

Action Planning

Action Planning combines the Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop Methods to assist groups create events or program plans very quickly. Groups will create a clear picture of successful outcomes, and then will build an implementation plan with roles and responsibilities and shared commitment to ensure success.

action planning.JPG
And more!

Take-Home References:

Our comprehensive participant workbook and slide sets and templates clearly outline the steps for each method, will serve as a practical tool for your future use. 

Small Class Size:

The training will be presented in a relaxed and interactive small group learning environment, with 20 participants or less and plenty of time for small group work. Individual learning and practice are emphasized.

Meet the Exceptionally Qualified Faculty

Brigid Riley and  Robin Rifkin bring a wealth of facilitation and training experience working with large and small nonprofits, businesses, public health and community agencies, governmental and educational institutions and neighborhoods. They are skilled at both transferring these methods and answering your questions about how these methods work in settings, like yours, and around the world.

Fees & Registration: 

Dates for May/June 2022 Course:

The course is spread across six sessions, all three hours from 10 am – 1 pm, EST, (9 am CST; 8 am PT), except Module # 6, which is 4 hours

  • Tuesday, May 31, 2022: Landscape of Facilitation (Module I)

  • Wednesday, June 1: Focused Conversation (Module II - Part 1)

  • Thursday, June 2: Focused Conversation (Module II - Part 2)

  • Wednesday,  June 8: Consensus Workshop (Module III - Part 1)

  • Thursday,  June 9: Consensus Workshop (Module III - Part 2)

  • Wednesday, June 15: Action Planning (Module IV)* 10 am-2 pm * A four-hour module

Robin: robin@meetingintentions.com215-880-5496


Corporate for Profit & Large Non-Profit Organizations - $1150

Public Government - $950

Medium Non-Profit (budget $1-$5 million) - $850

Small Non-Profit (budget up to $1 million) - $550

Independent Consultants - $850

Students (student I.D. required) - $550

Questions? Contact your training team:


We can provide in-house course for your organization too!

CEU Credits Certified Health Educator Specialists (CHES/MCHES) earn 13.5 CEUs for this course.
American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) members earn 14.5 credits for this course.

What recent past participants have said:

Online training quotes from November /December 2020 class:

Course Highlights

"I started using the methods right away. I love how we begin with aspirations. I loved how interactive the virtual approach has been - both engaging during the training and learning for my own use. ToP takes what feels like a very messy process and provides a comprehensive structure. You can quote me on that!"

"The creative use of platform functions to elicit engagement (comments, moving shapes, tagging, embedding links to other docs, etc.) was really helpful (and inspiring)."

"Breakout groups, lots of opportunity to practice, helpful slide deck and materials, strong trainers, discussion with other participants, all of the tools that are easy to apply now."

"Design - visual and interactive design, use of Google slides/sheets promoted engagement and supported learning and fun! It was seamless delivery in the virtual environment. Content - clear, thorough description of process and methods, with opportunity to learn, practice, reflect on each experience. People - Exceptional instructors and wonderful peer learners. As a virtual trainer and facilitator, I was truly impressed by what I learned and observed in this training. Outstanding!"

"I enjoyed the structure and the use of Google tools for virtual facilitation. Robin and Nancy are a dynamic duo - quote me on that!"

"I loved how interactive this course was and that it gave me tangible skills to use."

"The virtual techniques for meeting management, the structured process and methods for particular meeting outcomes."

"The practice, the class, and the trainers were amazing."


Insights and Learning quotes:

"To not be involved/to step away from the decisions when facilitating."

"I think I learned to be more intentional about preparation and planning meetings. The involvement of people's values and emotions in a meaningful way was something I don't think I had ever begun to master and now feel comfortable with these aspects of meetings."

"Deep grounding in group dynamics and related theory"

"Difference between facilitation skills and methods."

"Focused conversations are everywhere. They can be built into absolutely anything."


"I've learned more ways to utilize google slides."

"The ORID structure for meeting flows"

"Practice and preparation are key to success."

In-person class quotes:

"Robin truly delivered an impactful training experience that has helped me improve my personal effectiveness and self-confidence to lead more productive meetings. The content was immediately useful and transformational in my approach to moving groups to shared understanding. I found the ToP training to be invaluable to my business, and fun too."

- Participant, Philadelphia 2019 Facilitation Training

"Lots of great examples of their work facilitating groups. Great energy and enthusiasm for the subject."   

- Participant, Washington D.C. 2019 Facilitation Training

"There is no better way to make your work/community more effective than learning awesome facilitation methods from expert facilitators. These incredibly participatory methods are essential to making every voice count in order to achieve your goals!"

- Participant, Facilitation Training

"I attended your May workshop in Philly with two of my colleagues from the Episcopal Diocese of NJ. There’s much I could (and would be happy to in the future) share with you about how we’ve been using ToP in a variety of situations and the tremendous impact it’s had in every single instance where we’ve used it.  Including our own strategic visioning – we did a 2-day Bishop’s Staff retreat in mid-July where we employed several ORIDs, a consensus workshop and an action planning session (which we’ll be finishing/following up on next Friday) to great effect.  These techniques have proven more effective than any other single approach we’ve come across in helping us help others…and ourselves…arrive at mutually beneficial ways forward in all kinds of situations.  We’re still discovering new ways we can use them within existing programs and processes."

- Participant, Philadelphia 2019 Facilitation Training


“I wanted to send you an email to say how excellent I thought the ToP training was.  It isn’t often that I think that trainings are worth it in terms of time/energy/money invested but I think this one was!  I wanted you to know that I already used a focused conversation today and plan to use one tomorrow.  I am in practice mode.  Thank you for the great work you did and look forward to seeing you!”

- Participant, Philadelphia 2019 Facilitation Training


“A whole-hearted thank you for a terrific 2-day workshop last week!  In short order I applied the framework to 3 client engagements between last Thursday and yesterday. It has literally transformed the flow of my work.  I am so appreciative and grateful to you and Nancy for your excellent stewardship!  I now have another tool in my toolbox and it is tremendously helpful.  I will look to engage in other ToP/ICA opportunities to advance the way I work.”

- Consultant & Participant, Facilitation Training

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