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New Tutorials: Facilitate Like a Pro on Zoom & Holding Authentic Conversations

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

If you have taken the ToP Methods course, you’ll see how to incorporate a focused conversation virtually. If you haven’t learned the ToP Methods, this will give you a taste of a conversation built on the values of inclusive participation and profound respect, including conscious listening, and what to say/ not say in any meeting. I will be co-teaching this tutorial with my ToP training partner, Nancy Jackson, of Gammy Bird Consulting. Sign up for either tutorial here.

More on Security Features for Those Who Attended My Zoom Tutorials

We may have discussed Zoom bombing on my online tutorials, a horrible intrusion of Zoom meetings. In the last week Zoom has upgraded their security settings to prevent this problem. Now, attendees will wait in a waiting room before joining a meeting. The meeting host is sent a note to admit people or not. If someone joins the meeting late, you will hear the “virtual doorbell” ring. Go to the participants’ icon in the meeting control tab and you will see who is trying to enter. You can let attendees in, prevent people from attending, and also “lock the meeting room” when all invited have joined the meeting. These are all new features available in the free upgrade.

The recommendation is to not use your personal Zoom ID to schedule a meeting, instead use the ID that Zoom generates. Also, Zoom now requires passwords and will automatically build a

password in your meeting schedule invite. Or instead, you can create your own easy-to-remember password for your invited guests to join.

Some organizations and governments have banned Zoom meetings due to security risks. This will make it harder because the beauty of Zoom is that it is easy for most people to use. There are many other platforms, but this is the easiest by far.

I am trained and practiced in other meeting platforms. If you need a facilitator to successfully and confidently facilitate an online meeting, engage the community, host focus groups, lead a strategic plan, or wrestle with a difficult challenge, I can design efficient and participatory meeting that meet your intentions. I work with a team of fantastic facilitators who are trained and ready to help you succeed. Every facilitator I know has previously been a Project Director or Executive Director before focusing on facilitation to help others.

Stay safe! Here is the link to the tutorials.

Note: We postponed the in-person, April ToP Facilitation Methods course due to COVID Social Distancing, new dates for in-person training: Sept 30th and October 1st.

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