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Give Yourself the Gift of Time

If you are like me, you are constantly on the move. I love what I do, so I am constantly working to improve my skills and practice what I learn. I also like to work out, spend time with friends and family. And I volunteer my time with organizations and causes I care about. But sometimes we need a break from all the doing. So maybe for this holiday season, try to give yourself the gift of time.

Maybe it is a full-fledged vacation. My favorites include warm weather and a place to swim.

Or maybe it is time to curl up with a book. I love to read, but my reading time is too often limited to when I get in bed to go to sleep, which is not enough.

Or maybe time to catch up and have a meaningful conversation with a friend.

Things I like to do when I have more time:

  • Create something: like a great meal (I’m a good cook). It’s fun to have friends over and try something new and delicious.

  • Garden in the summer.

  • See a great movie or play, or go to a concert.

  • Dance!

  • Look through an inspiring magazine.

  • And of course, travel more.

Looking at this list, I see a theme of inspiration. Make your own list, and see if you see a common theme.

So this holiday season, I wish you some time to do the things you want and that gives you inspiration, energy, or whatever you crave. It is the best gift you can give yourself.


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